What’s Next? Exploring the concept of urban productivity

A wide variety of strategic agendas for urban development have gained parlance over the last decades. These range from ‘competitive cities’ to ‘healthy’ and ‘livable’ cities to ‘sustainable’ cities, while in more recent years ‘smart’, ‘resilient’, and ‘regenerative’ have gained popularity.

This breadth of agendas for our cities has not provided a comprehensive, foundation concept that can be used in mainstream property and urban development decision-making.

The Next Practice has co-launched the Urban Productivity Collaborative with ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability to develop the concept of ‘urban productivity’ – and how it can provide project design and evaluation metrics to establish the local economic case for sustainable development and management in the decades ahead. In May, the Collaborative held its inaugural meeting – joined by members of Curtin University, Simon Fraser University (SFU), the City of Canning, Institute for Advanced Sustainable Studies (IASS), Zuyd University, ICLEI Europe, ICLEI Southeast Asia and The Next Practice in Bonn, Germany to discuss how our proposed urban productivity concept can be developed and applied.