Identifying material opportunity for new markets and challenges

The development of a next practice starts with un-learning. Identifying and dissolving the ‘givens’ you work with every day enables the discovery of new opportunities. Then fresh analysis begins. Each discovery journey is unique. We tailor yours from our comprehensive range of qualitative, quantitative, and experiential methods, frameworks, and tools.

cogStrategic Design

Specifying the solution – and the enabling system

Our Strategic Design approach delivers specifications for the full set of product, business, policy, and organizational solutions required to secure opportunity from a big challenge. Together, they offer a system to deliver a precisely defined value proposition. Meanwhile, our process builds the network of collaborators and the financial model for a market pilot.

rocketMarket Pilot

Supporting and de-risking your new market entry

Piloting is part of the ongoing design process. We work with client teams to design the performance metrics and standards, business processes, user benefits and impacts, and risk management protocols for their market pilot. We support consumer acceptance studies and performance and process documentation. We re-calibrate the solutions and financial model on the basis of these findings.

radioCommunicate in Action

Orchestrating brand co-creation between unlikely partners

Our co-creation process engages collaborators and consumers in the expression and delivery of your brand’s value-promise, steadily consolidating the alignment of stakeholder interests. Our process generates loyalty by expressing the brand as a lived reality, creating additional value, and at the same time developing resilience in the face of performance or delivery setbacks that may occur while establishing a next practice.


Developing capital strategies for new return ambitions

Building next practices for scale and growth requires fresh approaches to investment. Demand, supply, and the broader enabling environment must be engineered and carefully integrated. We help develop portfolios that maximize customized metrics of return and also minimize risk. By helping to define portfolio objectives and performance, we facilitate investment policy and pipeline strategy. We also draw upon our extensive understanding of capital strategy innovations to create effective collaborations and partnerships where appropriate.


An ethos for impact

Our aim is performance and impact at scale. For this reason, we often remain long-term collaborators even to former clients. We support reviews, recruit investors, and promote the ‘next practitioner’ careers of client team members.