Focus: The Next City

Consortium / Local Resilience Upgrading

Starting in 2011, the U.S. investor and insurers’ coalition Ceres, and their international counterpart ClimateWise, began a series of cross-industry and multi-sector discussions in North American cities on the implementation of local climate adaptation and climate risk management strategies. The associated workshops have identified a wide range of innovations in municipal policy and planning, and in the insurance, utilities, and property development industries, to enable market-viable climate adaptation.

Since the first workshop in Boston in 2011, The Next Practice has been engaged to develop the key concepts, curriculum and materials, and to be part of the delivery team for this initiative. TNP has also facilitated the recruitment of additional partner organizations to the initiative to increase its scope, expertise and potential for impact.

Publications: Jeb Brugmann. “Financing the Resilient City.” Environment and Urbanization. Institute for Environment and Development (IED). Vol 24 (1):1-18. 2012. 

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