Focus: The Next City

The California Endowment / Wellness Hubs & Districts

In 2010, The California Endowment made a 10-year, $1 billion commitment to 14 low income rural and urban California communities to help them comprehensively and measurably improve their local health outcomes. From 2010-11, this Building Healthy Communities (BHC) program developed and supported alliances in each community to prepare a comprehensive BHC strategy. On this basis, the Endowment has provided grants and program-related investments for scores of local implementation activities.

After generally advising Endowment executives on the BHC program strategy and launch, The Next Practice was commissioned by the Endowment in 2013 to develop investment program concepts for implementation of the local BHC plans. One outcome is the exploration of local property investments to support the development of ‘wellness hubs’: clusters of health, recreational, cultural, food, workspace, and community facilities that are tailored to address the health outcomes and needs of specific household segments. The first wellness hub was established in the old General Hospital building in Boyle Heights, L.A., following a concept study by TNP. In 2014, The Next Practice started working with the BHC coalition in Santa Ana to prepare a wellness-focused Latino Downtown Revival strategy for Santa Ana’s historic downtown, so that it again serves the downtown’s primary retail market area: the established Latino community of central Santa Ana. Services provided have included retail market area studies, a consumer preferences study, and a downtown place brand strategy.


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