We are a methods driven consultancy, which means that we use a range of replicable, empirically proven techniques in different combinations depending on specific project requirements.

Rapid Ethnography

This intensive process generates compelling, new consumer insights in a matter of weeks, combining client team member immersion, consumer photo diaries, in-depth interviews, and tailored workshop exercises. Clients design rich value propositions that address consumer and household value comprehensively, on which basis business opportunity may be discovered.

Market Sizing & Segmentation

When entering new markets, data from past transactions and business operations is not available. Efficient targeting of resources is therefore difficult, and the risks of trial-and-error are increased. TNP prepares insight-based frameworks specific to the consumer segment, and then sizes and micro-segments the market opportunity using the client’s limited data, government data, and data from other industries and sectors. Our analyses can cover a single market or comparatively evaluate markets worldwide.

Market Ecosystem Analysis

In addition to business and financial model innovation, new markets also require innovations in policy, law, infrastructure, consumer knowledge, institutions, and communications. We undertake a rich form of environmental and momentum analysis, spanning the formal and informal economic sectors, so that full requirements of successful market entry and scaling are fully understood.

Co-creation Process

The delivery of commercial and social impact within a single consumer offer typically requires a ‘value network’ of unconventional partners. TNP’s distinctive co-creation process supports stable collaboration in product and business model development, piloting, and the formation of commercial partnerships where each party re-calibrates its model, standards, and processes to contribute to the offer’s commercial success.

User Centred Optimization Analysis

TNP has a variety of tools and methods to pinpoint ways to optimize properties, facilities and financial models by being more responsive to consumer/user priorities.

Price-Performance Analysis

A price-performance analysis benchmarks the product, offer, or property project against competing offerings in the market, and establishes the critical price and performance parameters for which the project must be designed to sustain competitive advantage. TNP has applied price-performance analysis to a wide range of industries and project. In addition to using the findings to specify product and business model requirements, we also use them as a starting point in brand articulation.