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New speaking engagements

It’s been a busy season for speaking engagements. The thesis of my book-in-progress (The Productive City ) has now been advanced sufficiently for presentation. Recent keynotes on the theme have included the annual European Conference on Sustainable Cities and Towns and the annual conference of the European Green Party. It’s been enriching to explore the business and economic development possibilities of urban productivity (my focus) with the world’s local practice leaders on urban resource productivity.

Meanwhile, work continues on the ‘resilience’ practice front. The Resilience Zones planning framework for redevelopment/regeneration projects has evolved into a more broadly applicable performance risk management approach to resilience, including for local economic development strategies. Speaking engagements on this topic have included the Inter-American Development Bank’s conference on “The Challenge and Opportunity of Private Sector Climate Resilience,” and the annual conference of Local Government New Zealand. I’ll soon Brugmann-Bilbao presentation-2016post more on the subject.